Integrated employer branding

In developing the EBMS, we have paid particular attention to making it easier to present well to applicants. In its functioning, the EBMS supports the development of an excellent employer image, among other things through these features:

  • Flexible application process

    Each application can be customized

  • recommendation principle

    by recommendations instead of cancellations you convey recognition to your applicants They are better remembered by applicants

  • Integrated reminder functions

    Applicants experience appreciation through reasonable waiting times

  • Embedding in existing career page

    previous employer brand is retained


Easy conversion to EBMS

Unlike many other applicant management systems, we offer the EBMS as Software-as-a-Service. Not only does this allow you to connect quickly to your business, you also benefit from these benefits:

  • Can be operated via internet browser

    no installation necessary

  • You can just try the EBMS

    To do this, create a DEMO account

  • IT administration is outsourced

    we take over all functional updates for you & rarr; You can concentrate on your core business

  • Mobile and platform independent

    can be used by everyone in the company

Other features to make your daily work easier

Applicant management systems are primarily designed to relieve you of tedious tasks, and EBMS can also serve you with a number of functions that allow you to concentrate solely on your applicants:

Connection to many channels

whether e-mail, job widgets or postal applications

Automatische Vetragsvorbereitung

DSGVO Compliant

no worries about privacy

Free for members of the Referral Alliance

Become a member

Prozesskennzahlen fuer ihr Controlling


Betriebsrat und Schwerbehindertenvertretung

Transparente Bewerberstatusseite

Internal talent pool

Overview of workers

Facilitates teamwork

all departments can be added


Export am Prozessende in HRXML Formate, bzw. PDF

Weiterentwicklung auf Basis von Kundenwünschen


Einbettung auf Ihrer Karriereseite

Our contact person for you

Akos Toth
Mr. Akos Toth
Head of Customer Advice